Build Xbox One’s most important new IP from the ground up.


Few, bigger drops = confidence, success, and swagger.


Bold new look
Bold new look

EA / Respawn briefed NoodleHaus on a bold new IP based in a sci-fi world.


Influences and competition include a strong first-person combat engine with revolutionary undertones.

Man and machine

In a highly competitive sci-fi mindspace, this brand story focused on the symbiotic relationship between man and machine.

Logo development
Logo development

Complete logo development included hundreds of explorations.

Key words: revolutionary, technical, military, aggressive, and mechanical.

E3 2013, the campaign kicks off at the Microsoft press conference.

The campaign goes global with a strong community push to core players.

The design and build of a top-tier collector’s edition package worthy of a AAA game.

With the “Hammond Robotics” announcement, we took the opportunity to expand the universe and tease a depth of story at the early part of the campaign.

It was the biggest online engagement for Titanfall since launch, 1.1 million live-stream views, and over 3 million additional views.

We launched the Ogre, the brand new heavily armored Titan from Hammond Robotics.

The official gameplay launch trailer, showcasing the main characters and themes of the campaign, but focusing the action on vertical, explosive combat.

Live-action spot TV spot targeting mass-market, who may now be interested in buying an Xbox One.

A global campaign
A global campaign

Creative-driven results:
Over 75 awards from around the world
#1 selling game of 2014

Broadcast Spots