Celebrating 20 Years

The 2017 DICE Awards anchored with an iconic 20 years of winning. Watch it here.

Yes, many of our projects fall into the “never seen that before” category, and this one is a perfect example.

In this case, the client asked NoodleHaus to memorialize their 20 years of game awards.  “After 8 years of shows there’s a great short-hand between NoodleHaus and the Academy that allows us to take projects into new and interesting directions, it’s a blessing.” Says Matthew Stainner of NoodleHaus.

We created a reverent game-world sculpture inspired by fine art you’d expect in a more spiritual context. What better way to celebrate a rock-solid history of accomplishments.

Take a look, and let us know what you think!



We don’t normally use really long captions, their captions right? But this guy has been playing for years and he really deserves this win for digging so deep to bring light to our dim world. … Here’s it is.

Word of the day: “Frown” frown

Caption(s): “You cannot have negative without positive, nor positive without negative.
You cannot have dark without light, it’s the absence of light that gives dark its meaning.
You cannot have the peak of a wave, without the trough of a wave.
You cannot have some thing without no thing
One extremity gives the other extremity it’s existence.”

As promised: Gifs!!