Challenge: Turn an intimate, executive summit into the Oscars of the gaming industry.

Approach: Build credible brand recognition with best-in-class branding, and year-round video assets.

The 2014 intro video to the DICE show, with a focus on characters, stories, and fun that were highlights of the current crop of games.

 In 2013, we gave the DICE Awards the opening film it deserves by answering the question, “How does the Academy deliver their nominations?”

This fantastic approach to a logical problem balanced reverence with whimsy, while paying tribute to the best games of the year. This opening film was praised by awards show host Chris Hardwick, shot through the video game and mainstream press, and left the crowd speechless.

NoodleHaus brings 5 years of experience and partnership that go into crafting the DICE conference and award show.

 Creative-driven results:
30% year-over-year growth.
Launched inaugural London event.
Developed show-stopping show open

Complete on-air package
Show opens
Live shoots
Event integration