Silent night was officially over

IT’S THE WORLD FAMOUS WEDNESDAY STOCK PIC! Where NoodleHaus conducts a random stock photo search, then writes the best copy possible. Play along if you like! Today’s Word: “Spiked Heels”

Our Caption: “Silent night was officially over”screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-9-20-10-pmOther noteworthy entries include: “Sally could actually make time”“Congratulations! It’s a clock!””It’s that time again!”“Aunt Flow came early again.””Mother nature has a sick sense of humor”“Santa was ready for his present.”“Sharper Image announces The Christmas Lunar Clock with a bold new campaign”“Black heels? For the Xmas orgy? Really?””It was time for Santa’s little helper to get to work”“Why she didn’t buy blocks of time””Time to clock in!”

Now, some celebratory Gifs are in order!



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