NoodleHaus has been with Fortnite since before Battle Royale was a thing. We launched Save the World in 2017, and since then, our ongoing cross-media campaign helped make Fortnite the #1 game in the world.

Our mobile trailer for Chapter 2 was an absolute blast to make. The fact that it was immediately followed by a 141% increase in mobile earnings is a coincidence we can’t comment on!

The rebirth of the Fortnite universe with some NoodleHaus skydivers!

Both in-game and at the event itself, we danced our hearts out to help make the Fortnite Summer Block Party a sold-out event.

We partied it up with the best of the best – and their celebrity friends.

If Fortnite can throw in a competitive shooter, fortress building, snowboarding, and dancing simulator all into one game – why not throw in a mode devoted completely to squad-based aerial combat?

When Fortnite relaunched the High Stakes LTM, we were there to bring back the excitement of the heist.

Fortnite - Weezer Island

What could be more fun than a hamster ball with a suction cup to help you swing around the map?  The energy of this bouncy little ball was an exciting new vehicle for players.

The Season 8 Battle Pass brought a tropical area and volcanoes to the map along with the age old battle of pirates versus ninjas.

Look closely at the brown hat on the right

What’s better than a new Battle Pass?  How about a free battle pass? Fortnite decided to show their love for the fans with challenges that would earn you entry to the next exciting season.

The sleek new vehicle, Driftboard, glided onto the scene with a 10 out of 10!

Celebrating the holidays with a cup of cocoa isn’t as fun as terrorizing opponents with the Sneaky Snowman trap.


Epic gathered the hottest influencers to test out the new Creative Mode. They built insane obstacle courses, massive racetracks and games modes teeming with loot.

Whether you were naughty or nice, Season 7 brought ice and snow to the world of Fortnite along with biplanes and a responsive Ice King skin to show off your kill count.

In an innovative LTM, Food Fight gave teams five minutes to fortify their base before dropping the massive wall between areas to start the assault.  Players were able to respawn endlessly while trying to smash their opponents into…ketchup?

Creepy clowns floated into the battlefield while dangling precariously from slow moving balloons with this new item announce.

They call it the NoodleHaus Effect

The popular seasonal theme Fortnitemares was back with a Western twist and this time, Battle Royale players had more than just opponents to contend with. The monster hordes from Save the World mode came to wreak havoc for an additional level of difficulty. 

Building has it’s uses, but campers were crushed by the new vehicle, Quadcrasher.

Werewolves and vampires and…inflatable horses, oh my? Season 6 was full of tomato tossing pranks and introduced pets as backbling for the first time.

Too lazy to build? With Port-A-Fortress, it was time to go big or go home.

With Shockwave, blasting yourself into battle or knocking enemies off cliffs was a new strategy in the mix.

Watch out for death from above with Rift-to-Go offering redeploy in your pocket.

There was nowhere to hide with Guided Missile chasing down opponents, even through windows!

For Android players, it was a good day when Fortnite mobile expanded onto this new platform.

Season 5 was everything a golf and basketball loving Viking could hope for.

Who wants to see Ninja and Marshmello rack up the elims?  50 pro players and streamers teamed up with 50 celebs to compete for a $3 million prize pool to be donated to the charity of their choice.  As Epic’s first tournament, this Fortnite event blasted them into the eSports world.

Fortnite - Drake Breaks Stream Record

It wasn’t long before players needed that Victory Royale fix beyond their homes and Epic responded with Fornite on iOS.  All that win in the palm of your hand!

When the fans demanded more, Fortnite brought in a huge map update with new areas to explore and destroy!


Halloween in Fortnite means Fortnitemares, a spooky event that brought us the iconic Skull Trooper skin along with other tricks and treats!

When Fortnite smashed into the Battle Royale genre with solo and squad modes, we made sure that the message was out worldwide: THE BATTLE IS BUILDING.

In a massive worldwide launch, we created over a hundred cuts dubbed in a dozen languages to show off the brand new Epic creation, Fortnite, to the world. Little did we know what we were getting into…