#1 Hit Title for the Wii

We took on the huge responsibility of relaunching the beloved Goldeneye title and continued a campaign of content toward its followup on all consoles. The campaign launched in 2010 with Goldeneye 007 on Wii, expanded with the launch of two additional titles under the “Reloaded” subtitle, and concluded in 2012 with 007 Legends.

NoodleHaus engaged fans so completely, we literally put them in the game.  Hardcore movie fans were treated to behind the scenes bios with legends of the franchise.  We heard from the late Richard Keil, better know as the Bond villain Jaws, and Nicole Scherzinger with her role in re-crafting the classic Tina Turner Golden Eye theme song.

NoodleHaus also had the honor to lend our creative production talents to a fully realized original 007 opening which celebrated 50 years of Bond adventures all around the globe.

Activision’s #2 Title Second Only to Call of Duty