The Challenge

Build Xbox One’s new launch title IP from the ground up.

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EA / Respawn briefed NoodleHaus on a bold new IP based in a sci-fi world.
Influences and competition include a strong first-person combat engine with revolutionary undertones.
Complete logo development included hundreds of explorations.

The Campaign

E3 2013 – The campaign kicks off at the Microsoft press conference, and Titanfall goes global with a strong community push to core players.

With the “Hammond Robotics” announcement, we took the opportunity to expand the universe and tease a depth-of-story during the early part of the campaign. It was the biggest online engagement for Titanfall since launch, with 1.1 million live-stream views and over 3 million additional views.

Our gameplay trailer emphasized the new frontier of vertical combat, and our live-action TV spot targeting the mass-market considering an Xbox One. Between all three, we put Titanfall on the map – big time – making it the #1 selling game of 2014.

Creative-Driven Results

    • Over 75 awards from around the world
    • #1 selling game of 2014

Titanfall - Global Campaign