EA MLB Tap Sports ’23

The Challenge

EA Sports invited NoodleHaus to conceptualize, develop, and produce a way to ignite the fans’ interest in the new season. What better way than a thrilling Athlete Trailer Reveal bringing a huge new face to the mobile game franchise: EA MLB Tap Sports ’23. Our challenge was to create a campaign to keep both new and existing fans on their toes with new features, teams, and athletes, and of course, the build-up to the 2023 key art was a perfect vehicle to deliver precisely what the fans crave. 

How It Started

Let’s flash backward in time to explore NoodleHaus’ long-standing relationship with the TSB team. The team at Glu–prior to its EA acquisition–has been one of NoodleHaus’ partners since 2016.

The Noodlehaus live-action team produced several spots featuring a cast of 5 playing together in matches while living in their own social modes. Some play at home, others on the go, and all players are connected through the game. With friends or playing their own campaign, players could create and build their own MLB Dynasty.

A Continued Partnership

With growth, our partnership continues. The EA Sports MLB Tap Sports franchise amassing loyal, awaiting fans, soon found itself ready to enter the Major Leagues (so to speak). They asked NoodleHaus to help them bring “the biggest stars in the business” to the brand and in 2022 we brought Bryce Harper to the set for his debut with the game on both the key art and in video.  

The Vision

Our most recent work for the 2023 season included an exciting reveal for one of MLB’s upcoming stars: The Seattle Mariners’ Julio Rodríguez.

After a flurry of exciting ideas on how to execute the main trailer for the campaign, our team ultimately decided on a vision to pump up the mystery for the reveal. Using a combination of light reveals, turntables, and tight shots, the team headed over to a state-of-the-art studio, continuing the work through post-production where our artists and post-production team worked day and night to create an unforgettable campaign for the team at EA Sports.

The Campaign

We landed on a campaign that kicked off with a 2-second teaser loop, taunting the fans with a simple silhouette and a big “GUESS WHO” flashing across the screen. After letting the anticipation stew, the fans finally get the full reveal trailer (as seen at the top of this page), letting them in on a more personal side of Julio which showcased his journey from being a boy in the Dominican Republic to a wildly successful Rookie of the Year.

The team at NoodleHaus is truly honored to be part of this memorable campaign.

 Creative-Driven Results - NoodleHaus

Creative-Driven Results

  •  10k views on YouTube
  • #3 game in Sports
  • over 21k ratings
  • 500k+ downloads on Google Play


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