Rocket League

The Challenge

Create a system to support the transition from traditional game plus DLC to a massive, seasonal free-to-play service. We needed to create content for the world in over 16 languages for simultaneous worldwide announcements at the pace of about once every two weeks.

The Campaign

In early 2020, Rocket League Season 1 began a campaign of content continuously updated through partnerships, competitions, and general updates that players love.

NoodleHaus Support - NoodleHaus

NoodleHaus Support

The NoodleHaus team has produced thousands of video assets in support of this game spanning the world in every language. And we’ve done it on average every couple of weeks.


The Rocket League world has taken us to space, the old west, the skies above, and dark jungles. We’ve seen every season and climate with some pretty amazing music to accompany the journey.


As fans of the game, we enjoy seeing what’s happening next. New vehicles, new partnerships, and arenas continue to inspire our work. Our small part in this big success has given the NoodleHaus team a sense of pride in our ability to help our amazing clients get their message to the world.

Creative-Driven Results - NoodleHaus

Creative-Driven Results

Rocket League has become the biggest sports game ever, with over 95 million players a month and 7.3 million players a day. Rocket League is becoming an entirely new class of e-sport, one where casual fans and players alike can follow and cheer for the big moments. Something many core esports games cannot claim due to complicated rules, character roles, and other nuanced mechanics. Rocket League was practically born for it.

Audience Growth - NoodleHaus

Audience Growth

Due to the remarkable team constantly updating the game, the game’s playability, and the easily accessible game style, the audience has been increasing steadily since 2021. It has grown astronomically, given its start in 2015.

Rocket League Continues

They’ve maintained the game’s relevance with their constant game updates with seasonal updates gluing fans to the franchise for years to come.


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