The Challenge

In 2017 Epic asked NoodleHaus to assist with its launch of Fortnite. We’ve been supporting the efforts ever since! Our initial challenge, believe it or not, was awareness. This new game had a dense list of AAA games to compete with. And if you’ve ever launched a new IP, you know how daunting that can be. The ever-changing audience perceptions created the need to react quickly and deliver creative that joined the conversation minute-to-minute. At first, the game was compared to Minecraft due to its harvest and crafting mechanics. Then, it was considered cute and cartoony, relegating it to cooperative adventure-type descriptions, and finally, everything changed with Battle Royale, and we engaged big-time.

The Campaign

Our Initial tactics included traditional trailers, digital ads, and social video.

Thematically, the shift from awareness for the game in year one turned into newsworthy additions that surprised and delighted players every two weeks. This effort was massive. The Epic team created more substantial content updates than any other game in history.

Feeding the Pipeline

The game matured in the marketplace, and we turned to user acquisition efforts to continue feeding the pipeline, which was very successful. Older players’ time in the game may decline, but younger players could keep entering the ecosystem across all devices.

Continued Growth

Influencers and streamers were pervasive across paid partnerships to organic sessions. Millions and millions of daily views became a regular occurrence.

Creative-Driven Results

Our ongoing cross-media campaign helped make Fortnite the #1 game in the world.

From becoming one of the biggest modern successes drawing enormous talents such as Dwayne Johnson to a massive pro community, streamers, and partners, Fortnite and its brand presence have created an active market force that is getting stronger every year.  

Fortnite is reported to earn nearly 6 billion dollars annually, has over 400 million players, and has clocked almost 1 billion hours on Twitch. This runaway success is our proudest moment as creative partners, and we are absolutely honored to be part of such an amazing story.


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