King’s Quest

The Challenge

Launch a modern remake of one of the most beloved genre-defining games ever made. Kings Quest holds a nostalgic place in our hearts as one of the first and best games we played as youngsters. The legendary developers Ken and Roberta Williams are among the most revered creators of our time. To remake something with such gravity would require a strong focus on the character that makes King’s Quest special.

The Campaign

The campaign was launched with a live event tribute to the original creators, Ken and Roberta. The new development team Matt Korba, Lindsay Rostal, and their studio, The Odd Gentlemen, with an on-stage passing of the cap where Ken and Roberta anointed the new team with Grahm’s cap. An actual generational moment perfectly followed by our carefully crafted trailer.


The Focus

Once gamers and critics blessed the campaign, our focus shifted to the wonderful characters and locations. We knew players would expect the game to deliver on the family-friendly, humorous, cute, and positive standards the franchise had always held. Each trailer had a particular twist on the adventure plots you’d expect. 

The King

The development of the young King was paramount to the campaign’s success, and his plucky approach to serious dangers would make him the unwitting hero of our story. Holding true to the original standards was easy with such fantastic work from The Odd Gentlemen, who brought so much life to the world of King’s Quest.

Creative-Driven Results

The campaign surpassed expectations. The legendary return of the franchise received praise from all. Critical reviews of the game were in the 80 range, with player reviews well into the nineties. 

Sales exceeded all projections as each chapter of the game was released with impressive sales. The campaign supported each new part of the adventure with creative ways of introducing the audience to more characters, locations, and challenges, adding to sales over the year-long campaign. King’s Quest became the highest-selling adventure title of its time.


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