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InHaus: Max

Hailing from the suburbs of the East Bay, this gentle giant has made himself home in the busy, foggy city of San Francisco.
  • September 8, 2023

Meet Max: A floofy good boy full of charm, enthusiasm, and brains— especially when cheese and sweet potatoes are involved. Born on the fourth of July, Max’s special talent is to be totally unfazed by fireworks and telling you who his best friend is. Spoiler alert: It’s whoever has treats.

Ready and eager to speak with you using his talking buttons, we think he’d be a GREAT head of sales even at the young age of three! We always imagine he would take all his meetings at his favorite brunch place where the chef will make you both the Max special (freshly poached eggs).

When he’s not arguing with his paw-rents about getting extra treats (those buttons are a double-edged sword), Max enjoys a good hike and finding hidden puddles.

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