Fortnite is, of course, a battle royale competitive game, but it is also a creative hub for artists of all kinds. There are events and games for music, concerts, digital art, creative co-op, competitive game modes, and more. If only there was a word that combined the idea of this “meta” hub and the “universe” it lives in. This could be a big thing!

NoodleHaus was invited into the Fortnite metaverse in early 2017, working with the Epic team from the beginning. We quickly became an embedded video production partner, and over the life of the product, we have shipped over two-thousand video assets supporting Fortnite globally. Our work spans many of the key assets you’ve already seen and so many you haven’t. Our efforts cross mainline trailers, multiplayer combat, creative mode highlights, user acquisition, localization, new updates and features, seasonal content, live event support, and much, much more.

While this game has evolved since its humble start, NoodleHaus is proud to say that our lasting partnership with Fortnite has been a massive success. NoodleHaus has done projects for the Fortnite team from 2017 to just this morning. We’re proud to say Fortnite is now one of the biggest games in the world! Check out our case study to see more of the work.


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