Midnight Murder Club

The developers of Knockout City brought us Midnight Murder Club, a new six-player first-person hide-and-seek multiplayer party game where all you’ll have in order to survive against other players are a flashlight, a revolver, and your wits.

The challenge: create a video for a game that could take place in total darkness!?
Our approach was to produce a trailer that relied on audio clues and careful use of the flashlight. We kept it raw with live gameplay and audio from players who were there. Keen ears will pick up the details where audio clues come from the left and right, allowing players to sneak unnoticed to create perfect attacks.

NoodleHaus created a teaser strategy that spoke to the core gamers and streamer community. And they noticed! Check out the conversation below with Kinda Funny Games.

We are extremely happy to have the opportunity to help Velan bring this game to the world.



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