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Risk of Rain #NHThrowback

  • September 14, 2023

Remember this?

The wildly talented team at Hopoo had a new game and a new publishing partnership that brought marketing horsepower and NoodleHaus to the table. Gearbox invited us to create a campaign for Risk of Rain 2, a game created by a company that, in recent history, was still in their dorm rooms. Our challenge was to carefully bring new players to the game without insulting opinionated core fans who would not support an indie title “selling out.”

Let’s just say that the campaign was a success with doubled sales in the first month reaching a million users. We soon returned for more to create a campaign for an expansion called Survivors of the Void where the players are called to embrace The Void. With the wild success of this cult following turned mainstream success, we’re excited for what’s next in the world of Risk of Rain.


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